June 30, 2009

Table Centrepieces

Think outside of the box!

Table Flowers are wonderful conversation pieces at Weddings.
Martini Glasses filled with an assortment of beautiful fresh flowers, Lime or orange slices of colour to decorate your vases make for a great table centre. Filled with an assortment of  soft flowing flowers or coloured water perhaps!

LED lights using the colours of your choice will bring a touch of magic to your venue. Glasses are brilliant ideas for containers. Seashells, Candles, Semi-Precious Stones, Candelabras, Floating Candles, Votives and Exotic Fruits can also be included with Table Flowers.

Unusual Table Designs are a great way to thank out-of-town guests & bridal party members. Personalised Table pieces are a lovely memory, or take home gift and can be easily personalised by way of a message or name incorporated into the flowers. A small plant- perhaps a Phalenopsis orchid or a  pomander’s
(ball of flowers) or chocolates adorned with flowers are just some of the available options.

The options are endless; however, rest assured that Chanel Rose Floral designs will work magic with the style and flowers you choose for your Wedding.

Wedding Flowers - What to choose?

Wedding Flowers- What to choose?

The Wedding bouquet - so many choices but which one is right for you?
There are many Wedding Flower options in bouquet shapes & styles you can choose from
for your Special day:

A Posy bouquet: a small and round bouquet that usually consists of smaller-shaped flowers. Very popular mainly for the Bridesmaids- A classic look.
Tear-drop bouquet: this is a bouquet in the shape of a tear drop and is a very traditional style of bouquet.

Cascade bouquet: also known as a multiple trail bouquet, the cascade bouquet has flowers that appear to be falling down from numerous trails. Generally looks great with with trailing orchids and lilies.

Trail bouquet: with a similar size to the Cascade bouquet the trail bouquet is made up of a cluster of flowers and a trail of foliage.

Arm spray bouquet: a less formal bouquet, it points along the length of your Arm using long-stem flowers, softened using foliage. A great option if you do not want to take away from your bridal gown.

Wedding Check list..

You will remember this day for the rest of your life and will you will want to get it right! So that you have not missed a thing we have provided you a list of what you may need in terms of Wedding Flowers.

Bridal Bouquet & Bridesmaids bouquets
Buttonholes and corsages for the Groom, Best man & Parents
Flower girl baskets, hair flowers bouquets or fairy wands
Church arrangements, Garden decorations
Alter or Mosque displays, pew bows and flowers
Guest table centre pieces, bridal table displays
Cake flowers and rose petals
Chair flower decorations
Reception venue flowers
Throw away bouquet
Wishing Well displays
Hair flowers

Wedding flowers are among the magnificent and significant parts of any wedding. At first, you may find it hard to decide what wedding flowers to choose, but it will pay off in the end once you discover how the Wedding flowers that you chose add colour and life to your big day.