January 30, 2010

Roses with Dusty Miller rather than greenery..

Some people don't like greenery on the bouquets..
I don't mind them - there are some gorgeous camelia leaves we generally use
or for a different look we could use magnolia leaves which are a slightly brown/ caramel tinge
of colour which really breaks up the look of the bouquets.

Another option is Dusty miller mostly know as Silver suede foilage.
I love this look - It's almost like an Ice-white/ silver look and it feels
very much like a very soft suede fur.

I have attached some pics of a previousWedding using Pastel Pink and;
Cream Vendela & Chantilly and Sweet akito roses with Dusy Miller foilage:

January 15, 2010

Calla Lilly Arm Sheath - Classic Bridal

The Calla Lily bouquet used along the arm- called an arm sheath, has long been a favourite amongst many Brides and bridesmaids for many years..
However as they are generally not available all year round and if you have your heart set on them- the option of using excellent quality Latex Calla lilies is always still available!

I have never been a big fan of artificial flowers but when using the better quality one's and when constructed correctly - they can look very much like the real thing and also of-course last forever!

Here are some pics of the arrangements we put together for Margarita for her Big Day set on 14Feb- Also another reason for choosing the fakes was due to the inflation of fresh flower prices over the Valentines day!

  We used crystal embellishments across the top of the Roses - Bridal bouquet and a crystal /pearl buckel on the stem wrapped with Ivory satin..